Apartments in Borovets – Prices and Availability

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Borovets is one of the most picturesque resorts in Bulgaria. It is located only 60 km from the capital Sofia and is easily accessible. It is tucked away among large trees that become heavy with snow during the winter months. It has been the preferred destination of Bulgarians ever since before communism and has never fallen out of favor. It features many hotels and, following the construction boom of the last five year, also a number of apartment complexes that make holiday apartments available for rent. What is available and for how much can be found in a recent report by summarizing information from the top tree holiday websites offering apartments in Bulgaria:

1. Borovets accounts for about 19 percent of the apartments available for rent in the ski reports, behind Bankso which holds the lead with 71 percent but ahead of Pamporovo which has about 10 percent of the holiday apartments.

2. As elsewhere in the ski and beach resorts, one bedroom apartments hold the definite lead in terms of the number of offerings with 64 percent. Interestingly, the second largest category in Borovets are the three bedroom apartments with 19 percent. These are large, usually luxurious accommodations much rarer in the other resorts covered by the report.

3. One bedroom apartments rent for about 510 euro per week in the high season and for about 371 euro per week in the middle season.

4. Two bedroom apartments rent for about 567 euro per week in the high season and for about 409 euro per week in the middle season.

5. Studios rent for about 371 in the high season and for about 315 euro per week in the middle season.

6. Borovets is by far the most expensive ski destination compared to the other two ski resorts in Bulgaria. One bedroom apartments in Bansko rent for about 392 euro per week in the high season, well below the price of one bedroom apartments in Borovets: 510. In Pamporovo, one bedroom apartments rent for even less: 385 euro per week. This could be explained by the low supply of apartments in Borovets relative to the demand. Borovets is only an hour away from Sofia and its population of over 1.5 million people. It is the closest ski destination for the residents of the capital except for Vitosha, a mountain next to the city, which offers skiing opportunities but has less to offer in terms of facilities compared to Borovets. The growth of Borovets has also been constrained by its location in the forest between hills, unlike Bansko which offered much flat, easily accessible land to developers.


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